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General Aoun - 7ilm 2awou Wahem
During the Lebanese War from 1975 till 1991, Christians were at first united against anyone trying to threaten their freedom or invade their regions. The armed struggle united the ranks mainly through Sheikh Bashir. Later on when El Bash got killed the political differences started to emerge and exploded in the LF-army war.

This book focuses on this period, and lists us the series of events that preceded this destructive war. It also gives us full dialogues between the LF and army officers, and the behavior of Aoun and Hakim during this period.

Although the author does not take any side, he clearly shows through his title and the events listed in the book that "la folie des grandeurs" hit Aoun and made him commit terrible mistakes.

He was more an illusion than a dream, people thought he was the next Bashir; instead he turned out to be a bad copy of Amin.

As for Hakim, he is described as a wise person who tried to avoid by all means this war, but not at the expense of giving away what Bashir started and he promised himself to finish it. Therefore although it hurt him to fight his own Christian brothers, losing the LF was not an option.


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